Tips for Buying Sparkling Wine on a Budget

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Champagne and sparkling wine are the same. The only difference is that Champagne is made in France and you cannot call it sparkling because it is – champagne.

Champagne is expensive. It is usually used by the rich in their celebrations. Because of its price, it would become impractical for ordinary folks to spend money on a bottle of wine no matter how special the occasion may be. He can use the money on food which can make his guests feel happier. But hope is not lost. You and your guest can still enjoy bubbly on your special event. You can use sparkling wine to take its place and give the same effect and excitement. Here are some of the ways to find inexpensive, good quality sparkling wines on a budget:

1. Prepare a budget of at least $20.

At $100 to $300 per bottle, the price of Champagne can be too much. But if you can spare $20 for a good bottle of sparkling wine, it can already give a good amount of excitement for you and your guests to enjoy. This budget is enough to buy wine that has gone through the fermentation process which is similar to making champagne. If you buy sparkling wines that are too cheap, you will only get something that’s carbonated.

2) Buy from a wine store.

If you plan to use your wine on holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Day, you will find cases of them in supermarkets. These are not the real bubblies that can thrill you in taste and effect. You should go to a real wine store and ask the staff for a real sparkling wine worth $20.

3. Bubblies from Pinot Noir or Chardonnay will be fine.

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are excellent grape varieties for making sparkling wine. You should look for them in the label, and be guaranteed of quality that you expect from good bublies.

4. Check the label if it contains, “methode Champenoise.”

The words “methode Champenoise” or “traditional method” is an indication that the bottle in your hand contains sparkling wine that’s fermented the traditional way, just like Champagne. If it’s well within your $20 budget, buy it.

5. Bottles that say “Cremant” are good alternatives to Champagne.

A bottle that says “Cremant” in the label indicates that the wine in your hand is a sparkling French wine that doesn’t come from Champagne, but it uses the same grape variety for a lesser price.

These are some of the ways to add life and excitement to your holiday without breaking your budget. Once you have your prized bubbly in your hand, you may observe these additional pointers to make your wine more satisfying:

1. Avoid eating sweets when drinking bubbly.

Sweets make Champagne and sparkling wine taste bitter. If you are having bubblies in your gathering, serving it with salty or crunchy snacks is a good option. People who eat cake and drink bubbly always find the wine terrible. Pairing wine with the right food is part of good dining and drinking experience.

2. Drink sparkling wine with white wine glass.

Regular white wine glasses always give off the best of the sparkling wine. They allow you to get more aroma than tall, thin glasses. Regular white wine glasses also allow bubbles to stay longer than the other types of glasses do.

Now that you know these tips, you may already be certain that party excitement and class need not be expensive all the time.